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Welcome to My Attempt at a Blog I’m new to the whole self-promotion thing, but I hear it’s a good idea to maintain a blog, so here it is. Hopefully, this will get more exciting as time goes by, but until then, read on avid visitor and prepare to be…bored? The plan is to update about every week to ten days, but since I actually have a full time job and family obligations on top of my writing efforts, well, it might not be a regular update. I ask your forgiveness in advance. 
Papa’s Got A Brand New Blog Okay, I’m playing with the idea of a separate blog that is a bit more traditional (if that’s even possible). I’ve set up a Wordpress page and will be updating it as well. If I understand it correctly, it will be more of a two-way method of communicating and I can connect it with my Amazon Author Page that I recently set up. I’ll try to update here and there for the time being, but if it looks promising, I may just remove my posts here and update only there. We shall see. Click the link at the bottom of the page or just click here: