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Further Reduction Book two of the Reduction series. Mark Himes has a problem. A vigilante has emerged and is running loose on the streets dispensing their own form of justice. It’s up to him to find and eliminate the rogue gun before innocent lives are lost in the crossfire. Meanwhile, he has a bigger fight to plan for and it will take everything he has to pull it off.
About the Book Further Reduction is a response to numerous requests for a sequel to Reduction. It was a novel I never intended to write, honestly. After so many positive comments and questions about continuing the story of Mark Himes and his adventures, I decided to put a sequel together and see where the story went. I have to say, I personally like it a lot. Thanks to changes in my job situation I was able to put the book together much faster than I was with Reduction. When nobody is home, you can sometimes dedicate more effort to things like this. Of course, it costs in terms of family time when you work second shift. After designing the cover art for Further Reduction, I decided to “upgrade” the original book to be more in keeping with the second. So after a little time and effort and a lot of snooping around Pond5’s site, I was able to come up with some really nice artwork for both books. Maybe, one of these days, I will get the hang of writing and actually know what I’m doing. Until then, I’m having fun. I’ve already had requests for a third book, but I have other obligations first, so it will be a little longer before it comes out. Rest easy, though. The story is still in the works.
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