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September 18, 2017 - Hello There I am not accustomed to maintaining a blog of any type, but since I am putting myself out there as an author (and potentially a public figure) it seemed only fitting that I let you know a little more about what kind of messes I get myself into from time to time. I doubt many will find my life interesting, but on the off chance that yours is actually more boring and mundane than mine, prepare to be thrilled. The big project for today has been laundry. Two loads of it. Followed by renewing the tags on the car and 3-D printing a component for a Jawa ion blaster. Yeah, I’m a nerd.
September 28, 2017 - Good News, Everyone! Exciting news! I have been asked to consider writing a trilogy (at least) of novels as a sequel to a very popular series! I am scared to death, but eager to tackle the opportunity. A couple of other authors around the country are also involved in the project, which I won’t discuss in detail, and a re hoping to have something published around March. Since I am late to the party I can either rush to get caught up, or publish later. Stay tuned here and I’ll post updates as things develop.
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